Azur Lane Wiki

The Academy is a section of Azur Lane that has the: Tactical Academy, Shopping Street, Canteen, and Merchant.

Tactical Academy[]

The Tactical Academy is where you can train your ships skills.

Using the appropriate textbook (by matching color to skill color) The training can improve to 150%.

So far 3 textbook tiers are available:

T1- 100exp (150), 2 hours training

T2 - 300exp (450), 4 hours training

T3 - 800exp (1200), 8 hours training

Tips: obviously higher tier book has more exp/hour. , so get them from Shopping Street, evenif they are 2x more expensive than the previous tier of book. Since textbook increase by a constant factor of 2 each tier, so it is recommended to buy higher tier book all the time.

Shopping Street[]

Tapping here will take you to the shops.

Discount is available randomly, and discount is always good

Common item and Cost (Coins only, no diamonds)[somebody create a table please]

Equipment box: T1 - 80, T2-400, T3- 2000, T4 - 5000

Cubes: 2000

Textbooks: T1 - 600, T2-1200, T3- 2400

upgrade part: T1:150, T2-xxxx, T3- xxxx (sry, i forgot)

Food: CurryX10 - 3000

PS: bundle of 5 is available sometimes

Canteen and Merchant[]

This is where you can view and upgrade the canteen and merchant to improve the rate at which they provide their resources. The amount they can be upgraded is tied to your level.

Canteen for fuel, Merchant for coins