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Akagi is one of the main Antagonist of Azur Lane the Animation, an aircraft carrier of Sakura Empire. Her first appearance is on episode 1.


Akagi is a very tall and beautiful woman. She has long black hair with pointy fox ears and 9 tails. Her eyes are a fiery red color with extra red makeup to highlight her eyes. Attire wise she wears a white top with a black belt below her chest. She wears a red mini shirt with knee-high tights and also wears a long overcoat that haves a red and black theme with gold trimmings. Her color theme is a reference to her name. Akagi translates to Red Castle. Her height Reaches 167 cm, and Her weight Approx. 68-70 kg (156 lb).


Akagi has a playful, almost flirty personality. She often teases those around her with amorous comments about their looks or attitude; normally referring to them as 'cute'. This however seems to be the cover for a more wistful person at her core, as she still misses her deceased older sister Amagi. She is fiercely protective of her half-sister Kaga to a near-motherly extent and to a lesser extent, other younger ship-girls such as the destroyers from ep 6.

Despite her carefree attitude, Akagi is quick to worry when a situation veers from her plans or Kaga is placed in danger. Such as when Enterprise lands a point-blank blow on Kaga in or when the Black mental cube is stolen from her by the Maid corps.

She harbours an intense outlook on the topic of love, possibly fuelled by her desire to see Amagi again.



Kaga is Akagi's half younger sister. Previously, Akagi didn't like Kaga aka hated her, but that all changed when they both grew up.


Amagi is Akagi's Older Sister.


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  • Akagi character design is based on her real life ship during WW2.
  • In her character story "Red Spider Lily's Love" in halfway through the dialogue she was shown wearing her swimsuit skin instead of her normal skin, although it's unknown is this intentional or not.