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Amagi is a Support character in Azur Lane the Animation, battlecruiser of Sakura Empire. She got introduced on episode 10. Her CVs are Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese) and Elizabeth Maxwell (English).

She's also one of the main protagonists and the final boss during an event in the mobile game: Crimson Echoes.

Interestingly, she appears as a background character in Azur Lane: Slow Ahead, despite being destroyed previously.



Behind Amagi design[]

Though she is a sister of Akagi (they were both originally Amagi-class battlecruisers) she's not a sister of Kaga. However, she acts like one, usually stopping their fights and punishing them for that. After the Sakura empire signs a treaty where they had to stick to some limitations with heavy battleships, she was 'scrapped' (no one knows what happened to her, but she ended dying).

As a ship, she was never completed, and would be changed to an aircraft carrier, but and earthquake damaged her and she was never completed. Her parts were used in Kaga to finish her as an Aircraft Carrier. Her bad health may be due to this fact.



  • Amagi was ranked the most popular character in popularity poll 2019