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Ayanami (Japanese: 綾波 or Ayanami Kai) is the one of the main Protagonist of Azur lane the animation and Azur Lane: Slow Ahead, a destroyer of Sakura Empire. Her first appearance is on episode 1. Her CVs are Yo Taichi (Japanese) and Lara Woodhull (English).


The Demon

CN: 鬼神

JP: 鬼神

When firing main gun, 5% chance to increase own Torpedo stat by 30% (60%) for 12s (5s cooldown, starts on cooldown).

(Augment Module) The Demon+

CN: 鬼神+

JP: 鬼神+ Increases this ship's torpedo DMG dealt by 1% (10%). When this ship fires her Main Guns: 5.0% chance to increase this ship's TRP by 30% (60%) for 12s (5s cooldown between activations). When the battle starts: increases this ship's TRP by 50% (100%) for 8s; after this buff expires, decreases this ship's DMG taken by 3.5% (8%) until the battle ends.

Demon Dance

(Retrofit) Demon Dance

CN: 鬼神演舞

RETROFIT- Demon dance

JP: 鬼神演舞 Every 20s, 40% (70%) chance to increase own Evasion by 30% for 5s and release a powerful barrage while launching fast torpedoes in a helical pattern.

All Out Assault

CN: 专属弹幕-柚

JP: 特殊弾幕-綾波 Every 15 (10) times the main gun is fired, triggers All Out Assault - Ayanami I (II)

Rest assured... This time, no matter what happens, I'll survive and return to you... because I'll always want to see you again...


Ship Description

First ship of special Type II Ayanami class destroyers, Ayanami.

Self Introduction: I am Ayanami, an improved Fubuki-class destroyer. I am not afraid of combat. Though just a destroyer, I can fight any enemy...

Acquisition: I'm... Ayanami. I am often called the "Demon." Pleasure to meet you.

Login: Commander, have you eaten yet? Here's some snacks.

Details: I've inspected the communication equipment. It won't cause any more problems...

Secretary (Idle) 1: Ayanami's ears... are they cute? I don't understand... As long as you're happy, Commander!

Secretary (Idle) 2 I've been having nightmares of all the girls getting lost... I'm certain that it's my fault, too...

Secretary (Idle) 3: Commander? No, nothing. I just wanted to see if you were here or not.

Secretary (Touch): Uuu... it tickles...a bit.

Secretary (Special Touch): Commander... please... don't touch there so much... It's making me feel weird...

Secretary (Headpat): I don't really get it but... I'm a bit happy...

TaskCommander, we've been notified of new missions.

Task Complete:The rewards for the previous mission are here.

Mail: There's... new mail...

Return From MissionCommander, you're a little like me on the battlefield... That's... pretty cool.



Commander, a commission has finished.



My power is overflowing...

Start Mission


Want to go... to Solomon?[EN 3]



MVP? I don't really get it, but... thanks.



It's okay... I'll recover quickly.

Skill Activation


Bear witness to the true power of the "Demon"

Low HP


I don't want... to be alone...

Affinity (Disappointed)


I don't really want to get any closer.

Affinity (Stranger)


Ayanami's impressions of Commander? I don't really know.

Affinity (Friendly)


Commander, you're always saying that my ears are cute... But why won't you touch them?

Affinity (Like): If there's one thing that worries me... it would be when you are not at my side.

Affinity (Love): I don't particularly... like or dislike combat. I just do what must be done. But if it's for you, Commander... maybe I can get a bit stronger.

Pledge: Rest assured... This time, no matter what happens, I'll survive and return to you... because I'll always want to see you again...

Gift Description Valentines 2019

How should I say this... Um, anyway, having Commander here, as well as all my friends here, is very fun. I would like to stay with everyone, together. Um... here is Ayanami's handmade chocolate, please enjoy it.

Gift Description Valentines 2020

Commander, this Valentine's chocolate is for you. It's too fancy and you can't take it…? Hm… I may have overdone it a bit… Commander, why don't you eat it with me… would that be okay?

Gift Description Valentines 2021

Want to spend Valentine's Day gaming? Okay, I'll bring potato chips in addition to the chocolate... Yes, this makes Ayanami happy.

Gift Description Valentines 2022

Zzz... Commander, you're already up...? I'm... going back to sleep since I have a raid later... Oh, I left chocolate for you in that drawer by the pillow. Hope you enjoy it, yes... Zzzzz... (*rolls over*)

Gift Description Valentines 2023

*yaaawn* Commander, thank you for helping Ayanami with this late-night Valentine's event. We've successfully secured the limited-time item. As thanks, please take this Valentine's chocolate. We'll have to farm event mats now, so you need to replenish your... stamina?