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Phone Number Registration[]

If you want to register using your phone number then use this, 

Tap where 'Phone number region select' is to select various supported regions

  • 中国大陆 - Mainland China
  • 澳门特区 - Macau Special Administrative Region
  • 台湾 - Taiwan
  • 美国 - USA
  • 香港 - Hong Kong
  • 比利时 - Belgium
  • 澳大利亚 - Australia
  • 法国 - France
  • 加拿大 - Canada
  • 日本 - Japan
  • 新加坡 - Singapore
  • 韩国 - Korea
  • 马来西亚 - Malaysia

If not then tap "Other registration methods"

Account Registration[]

Account reg popup

Enter your desired account name (This is not your in-game name) and password and register

  • If it gives you a popup saying "帐户名已存在" then the username already existed

After registration there will be a few popups with your account name and you should be returned to the very first one with your login details already input, all you need to do then is just tap login to enter the game.

  • If you get a token error popup, set your time to Beijing/GMT+8 time, this is needed as client needs to sync with server time

After successfully logging in with your new account this screen should appear -

This is where you enter your desired in-game name / Commander name

This name CANNOT be changed later.

Basic Startup guide[]

Found here!

Special Thanks to the Girls Frontline Wikia where this guide originated from