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Blue Waters: May the Azure Lanes Bless You (【蒼海】碧き航路に祝福を) is the twelfth episode of Azur Lane anime.

Air date[]

March 20, 2020 (Japan)


Orochi launches the missile at the Azur Lane base, and Enterprise heads off to intercept it despite Purifier's attempts to interfere. She is able to destroy the missile, but is knocked out by the blast. Meanwhile, the Azur Lane and Red Axis fleets attack Orochi as it prepares to fire a second missile. However, Orochi is protected by an impenetrable shield, and the shipgirls are unable to inflict any damage. While unconscious, Enterprise encounters her alternate self again, who warns her conflict between shipgirls is inevitable since they are manifestations of human will like Orochi, but Enterprise decides to keep fighting to protect everybody important to her. As Enterprise rejoins the battle, Zuikaku manages to snap Kaga back to her senses by headbutting her. Enterprise fires a special arrow that pierces Orochi's shield and cripples the ship. The shipgirls rally and begin pushing back the Siren fleet. Enterprise then reaches out to and rescues Akagi, returning her to her sense as well. Orochi fades away and the Sirens withdraw, with Observer noting that even though their plan failed, the shipgirls exceeding their expectations means Humanity still has a future. Afterwards, in order to improve relations, Azur Lane and Red Axis agree to live together in the same base, with shipgirls from both sides mingling with each other. Z23 joins Ayanami, Javelin, Laffey, and Unicorn's group, while Enterprise is appointed to be the new overall leader of the combined Azur Lane and Red Axis force. While overlooking the ocean, Enterprise is once again approached by her alternate self, who again warns her that conflict between shipgirls is inevitable, and that war never changes. Enterprise counters that even if war doesn't change, people can.