Azur Lane Wiki

The Building tab is where you can construct new ships, check on the status of ships under construction, trade medals for ships, and retire ships. Each is handled from a menu on the left. From the top down the 4 menus are: Construction, Under Construction, Exchange, and Retire


This menu is where new ships are constructed. There are four kinds of construction available: Light Ship Construction, Heavy Ship Construction, Aircraft Ship Construction, and Time Limited Construction. After queuing ships up for construction, they will take time to be built; this can be checked in the Under Construction menu.

Materials Mind


Construction CV CVL DD CL BM CA CC BB AR
600 1 Light
1500 2 Heavy
1500 2 Aircraft Ship

(Note: CV = Carrier, CVL = Light Carrier, DD = Destroyer, CL = Light Cruiser, BM = Monitor, CA = Heavy Cruiser, CC = Battle Cruiser, BB = Battleship, AR = Repair Ship)

Time Limited Construction[]

This special construction tab only appears during special events. It allows you to build ships at higher drop rates than normal, as defined by the event, at a special price (likely more than base).

Under Construction[]

This menu is where you can check on any ships under construction, and see how long they will take to finish. You can also instantly build a ship under construction by using a Fast Building Drill. Construction time is unique for every ship so you can figure out what is building before its constructed.


The exchange menu is where you can exchange medals for ships; there are 7 ships at a time available for trading. The ships available for trading change every 24 hours as indicated by a timer above the ships available. The amount of medals you have is displayed to the right of the timer as well. The large ship portrait to the right is the ultra rare ship available for trade at the moment. The ultra rare ship is tied to the server you are on and different servers will have different ships available.


The Retire menu is where you can retire unloved unneeded ships in exchange for some materials, oil, and possibly medals. The amount of oil and materials gained depends on the type and level of the ship retired; however the medals given is determined by the rarity of the ship.

Rarity Medals
Common 0
Rare 1
Elite 4
Super Rare 10