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[1]The Commander is the main protagonist in Azur Lane Mobile who serves in the Eagle Union and other factions. He also appears in the anime[1], but he was only mentioned a couple times and never made a full appearance. He is also one of the most important characters in some of the official mangas.


The Commander's appearance has never been revealed. However, it is possible he is relatively tall. [1]

The Commander's age has never been revealed. However, the possible age is around 35-40+ years of age since the average navy age for a commander is around 40+ but since it can differ if the commander has exceptional performance and leadership skills.


  • According to Unicorn lines The Commander is confirmed to be a male.
    • Not Only Unicorn, but also few other Ships, such as Kirishima, Nevada, Ibuki, [1]Kaga, Belfast, and Helena, also describe the commander as Male.
    • During the Halloween event "Halloween Hijinks", in several dialogues, the commander is referred to as "he", also confirming that he is indeed male.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 In one of Ark Royal's like voice lines, she says "If you were the same size as those destroyers, Commander, I wouldn't be so embarrassed." This indicates that he is not as small as most destroyers, but may be equal to, if not taller, than Ark Royal.