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Crimson Axis or Red Axis is the Axis Powers that existed during World War II, consisting of Nazi Germany, the Italian empire and imperial Japan. They serve as the antagonistic role throughout Azur Lane.

Crimson Axis' purpose is to study the Sirens' technology and use it against them while also dealing against the Azur Lanes that are trying to stop them. Members including the Iron Blood, led by Bismarck, and the Sakura Empire, now led by Akagi and Kaga of the first carrier division. Though some Sakura Empire shipgirls don't deem it a proper alliance, a stark contrast to Azur Lane, which included both Iron Blood and Sakura Empire before the two factions began seeking the Sirens’ technology, leading to the fight between Bismarck and Hood of the Royal Navy.

A short time later, the Sardegna Empire would join the Crimson Axis for protection and safety their Empire.

Vichya Dominion joins Crimson Axis after collapsing of Iris Templar Order but in reality, Vichya France is occupied by Nazi Germany during WWII.

Crimson Axis Nations