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Echoes: Crimson Memories, Bleached (【残響】漂白されし紅の記憶) is the tenth episode of Azur Lane anime.

Air date[]

December 12, 2019 (Japan)
January 2, 2020 (US)


Enterprise continues to have disturbing dreams of the alternate version of herself while the Azur Lane shipgirls still cannot learn anything about the true purpose of the Black Mental Cube. Ayanami tells her friends she wants to help stop the fighting between Azur Lane and the Sakura Empire, and Javelin, Laffey, and Unicorn agree to help her. At the Sakura Empire, Nagato decides to suspend the Orochi Project despite Kaga's protests, pointing out how they cannot continue without Akagi. Kaga then has a dream where she recalls Amagi passing away and Observer tempting Akagi with the possibility of reviving her with Orochi. Enterprise's dreams intensify, and she comes to realize the vision of herself and Amagi that she has been seeing are in fact illusions created Orochi itself, which claims it is born from humanity's desire for conflict. Belfast then confronts Enterprise, asking her why she keeps fighting if she's afraid of the ocean. However, the Siren Purifier attacks the base and steals the Black Mental Cube. The Azur Lane shipgirls, including Enterprise, start a battle with Purifier to recover the Cube. At the Sakura Empire base, Prinz Eugen sneaks into Orochi's harbor in an attempt to steal it, but Kaga activates Orochi and sails it out of the base.