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Elegance: Perchance, Like A Human (【優雅】或いはヒトのように) is the third episode of Azur Lane anime.

Air date[]

October 17, 2019 (Japan) October 31, 2019 (US)


The maid, revealed to be Belfast, delays the Red Axis forces long enough that the main Royal Navy forces which consisting of Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Hood, Edinburgh and Sheffield arrives, forcing the Red Axis to withdraw. Concerned about Enterprise's disregard for her own safety, Prince of Wales and Illustrious consult with Queen Elizabeth for a solution. Meanwhile, Vestal arrives on the base and is immediately upset at the poor state Enterprise's rig is in. Enterprise is met by Belfast and Unicorn, who convince her to attend a beach party the other shipgirls are holding. Unicorn thanks Enterprise for saving her, and Enterprise reveals she feels shipgirls are only meant to be weapons, and the ocean is only a source of conflict. As Unicorn leaves to play with Javelin and Laffey, Belfast confronts Enterprise directly, warning her that if she continues to fight like she did in the previous battle, she'll eventually forget her reason for fighting in the first place. The base then receives a distress call, with Enterprise, Cleveland, Hammann, and Belfast leaving to investigate. They find Ning Hai and Ping Hai of the Dragon Empery. They explain they were ambushed by Siren ships when a damaged Siren ship attacks. Enterprise uses herself as a distraction to draw the Siren's attention, but ends up being saved by Belfast when her rig malfunctions again. Seeing how Enterprise is actually compassionate towards others, Belfast decides to accompany Enterprise and teach her how be a proper "gentlewoman".