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Azur Lane and Crimson Axis (or Red Axis in the anime) are factions based on the Allies and Axis Powers of World War II, which the Allied forces consisted of the United States (Eagle Union), Great Britain (Royal Navy), China (Dragon Empery), the Soviet Union/USSR (Northern Parliament) and Non-occultly France (Iris Libre), while the Axis power consisted of Nazi Germany (Iron Blood), Imperial Japan (Sakura Empire), Fascist Italy (Sardegna Empire) and occupied France (Vichya Dominon). During the Great War (World War I), both factions served under the banner of Azur Lane and successfully pushed back the Sirens' onslaught.

One night, the Royal Navy patrolled for Siren activity until Suffolk and Norfolk spotted Prinz Eugen of Iron Blood, and mistook her for Bismarck. Hood and Prince of Wales shortly arrive at the scene to back up Suffolk and Norfolk before engaging in a restaging of the Battle of Denmark Strait. This promptly begins a firefight before bringing out the real Bismarck out of hiding. The Royal Navy manages to get a few good hits on Bismarck before the Iron Blood battleship releases a powerful volley, sinking Hood. Having realised they revealed their secret weapon, the Iron Blood shipgirls decide to retreat, concluding the battle altogether. But before they do, Bismarck, in response to Hood's question about why they left Azur Lane, said that, to justify their leave, they did it to "save humanity." Taking their leave, Bismarck wishes for them to "meet in Valhalla," ending the Prologue.

Azur Lane Faction

Azur lane Alliance Flag

Eagle Union USS

Royal Navy HMS

• Dragon Empery PRAN & ROC

• Northern Parliament SN

• Iris Libre (Iris Templar order) FFNF

Crimson or Red Axis

Sakura Empire IJN

Iron Blood KMS

• Sardegna Empire RN

• Vichya Dominon (Iris Templar order) MNF

Side note

The Royal Navy house every ship in British Commonwealth.