Azur Lane Wiki

So you have decided to give Azur Lane a try, great! But unless you read Chinese installing the game and signing up is going to be a bit of a chore. This guide exists to help new players through the download and sign up process.

App Navigation[]

Azur Lane is pretty easy to navigate the main thing to remember is that most of the time gold icons are to confirm and silver icons are to go back. Generally as well clicking on nothing or the background of a page will also take you back.

Basic Guide[]

  1. Download Button 1
    Go to on your device and download the APK file by clicking on the android button. This game is also available for iOS, though it requires changing your Apple ID's country to China.
  2. Make sure your phone is set to allow installation of third party software. Here's a tutorial!
  3. Once the file has downloaded run it and the app will install
  4. When the app is installed click on its icon to start it up

    The games icon

  5. You will likely be greeted with a screen asking to do an update, tap on the golden icon to download the update.
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    Once the game is updated it should take you to a log in screen. If you have a BiliBili account here is where you log in, the top text box is for your email/phone number and the bottom is for your password. If you do not have a BiliBili account your going to have to sign up, here is a registration guide.
  7. Once logged in you will have to choose what server you want to join red means its full and green means its available.
  8. After you have selected a server tap on the press to start button to open the game for the first time!
  9. When the game launches it will take you to a prologue scenario, the game will show you the main controls while you play an awesome scenario outlining the Battle of the Denmark Strait
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    The three starter ships. Choose carefully!

    After you finish the intro scenario your promped to choose your first ship! There are 3 destroyers to choose from: The German Z23, The American USS Laffey, and the British HMS Javelin. If you tap on one of the ships it will take you to a page where you can see the stats of each ship before you decide on your first ship. (To go back after selecting a ship to look at press the silver button)

    This screen is asking for your nickname NOT hers!

  11. After you have selected a ship the game will prompt you for YOUR nickname (not the ship you chose) you may enter whatever name you would like or press the dice to have a random name generated.
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    Welcome to the main screen! Finish the tutorial to continue!

    Once you have selected your nickname you will be taken to the main screen but you will immediately be interrupted by the tutorial which is pretty self explanatory. Tap where your told to tap and pay attention to what each button and screen does. Even though the tutorial text is in Chinese it still does a great job at covering all the basics. (The only thing not super clear is the ambush mechanic where sometimes while travelling through open water you encounter enemies. The game will give you the option of fighting them or running away with a percentage chance on running away working, if it fails as it does in the tutorial you are forced to fight the enemies)
  13. Once the tutorial has shown you how to construct new ships, adding ships to your formation, combat and fleeing, equipment un-boxing and creation, and your first victory the game will leave you at the main screen ready to explore the game on your own!
  14. The tutorial will come back when new gameplay mechanics are unlocked to explain the new mechanics (things like skill training and managing your second fleet)