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Intersection: Hold You, Never Let Go (【交錯】抱きしめて離さない) is the eighth episode of Azur Lane anime.

Air date[]

November 29, 2019 (Japan)
December 13, 2019 (US)


In the aftermath of the battle, the Azur Lane fleet sees numerous portals opening all over the area, with Enterprise missing. Javelin and Laffey are separated from the main fleet and encounter Ayanami again. Before they can come to an understanding, Ayanami's fellow destroyers take her away to safety while Belfast arrives to retrieve Javelin and Laffey. Kaga regains consciousness as the Sakura Empire fleet regroups, but Akagi remains missing and their mass produced sirens are inoperable. Shoukaku begins to openly wonder what secrets Akagi and Kaga have been hiding from them. Realizing they are at a disadvantage without Akagi and the Siren ships, the Sakura Empire fleet decides to retreat while Zuikaku and Shoukaku act as rearguards. Observer and Tester watch from afar, having captured Akagi. Observer reveals that having gathered data from Enterprise, the Black Mental Cube is now complete and ready to activate Orochi. Enterprise then arrives in her berserk state and easily defeats Zuikaku and Shoukaku. Before she can finish them off, Ayanami intervenes, destroying Enterprise's plane which knocks her back to her senses. Javelin and Laffey work together to save Ayanami and prevent her from falling into one of the portals.