Azur Lane Wiki

The main menu acts as a hub for the rest of the menus in the game.

Azur Lane Menu (JP)

Azur Lane Menu (JP version)


Azur Lane Menu (ENG version)

Azur Lane Menu (CN)

Azur Lane Menu (CN version)


Along the top right of the screen are your resources: Oil, Funds and Diamonds.


There is a resource cap limit on oil and funds that scales with your level, which increases the upper cap limit as you level up. Trying to claim either resources from the Canteen or Merchant Shop in the Academy will only allow you to claim resources up to your current upper cap limit. Any excess resources generated can only be claimed when you are below the upper cap limit. However, resources from commissions or tasks will still allow you to go above the limit cap.

However, there is no cap limit on diamonds.


Oil is used whenever you begin combat or start certain commissions. It is produced by the Canteen in the Academy, and can also be obtained via commissions and tasks.


Funds are the currency that is used for most transactions in the game. It is produced by the Merchant Shop in the Academy, and can also be obtained via commissions and tasks.  


Diamonds are the premium currency of Azur Lane. Diamonds are used to buy other resources or items from the Item Shop, and can only be obtained via the Diamond Shop or by completing certain achievements in Collections and Tasks.

System Buttons[]

Right below the resources there are a series of buttons in a row that lead to various menus within the game. They are in order left to right: Collection, Ranking, Friends, Mailbox, Announcements, and Options.

System Buttons


This screen shows themed groups of ships that you can collect. Collecting all the ships in a group will grant you a reward! After the first reward is earned you can earn additional rewards by upgrading the star level of the ships in that group.

By tapping on the top icon on the left you can access a numbered list of all the ships you have collected so far. This list can be filtered using the button in the top center of the screen.


This screen shows you the list of the top ranked players in a few different types of ranking (presumably just on your server). The first ranking is fleet strength, this menu shows the top 100 players in terms of fleet strength.

The second ranking is the collect ranking, this ranking is of how many of the possible ships you have collected and it displays the top 100 players who have collected the most ships.

The third ranking is Military Ranking, this ranking is about who has the best ranking in the pvp aspect of the game, this menu shows the top 100 players as well as your respective ranking.


This menu is where you can manage your friends in Azur Lane.


This golden icon is where you receive any mail sent to you. Unread messages will be indicated by a red notification.

The mailbox will display a list of the mail you have, new messages will be solid while read messages will be opaque. Tap a message to open it. To delete all read messages tap the silver button on the bottom left. (ADD WHAT THE OTHER BUTTONS DO WHEN THERE'S MORE MAIL)


Here any announcements will be listed. To hide/unhide an announcement click on the arrow to the right of it.


This button opens the options menu. To the left of the screen is a list of buttons, the golden button is the menu you are currently on. From the top to the bottom they are: Rewards, Interface (Controls), Sounds, and a button which may reset your account (unconfirmed; use at your own risk).

  • The rewards screen allows for the entry of rewards codes.
  • The Interface screen is where you can edit where the combat controls are.
  • The Sounds screen is where you can edit the volume levels and download the newest voice acting files (the silver button to the left of the options will have an exclamation mark when they can be updated).
  • The last button that looks like a power symbol is the Logout button, which you can use if you have multiple accounts. (REMEMBER TO GENERATE AND SAVE/SCREENSHOT THE PASSWORD FOR YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT)

Current Events / Promotion[]

The Promo box is under the System Buttons and advertises any events or promotions going on. Tap on it to access the event.

Formation and Weigh Anchor[]

These buttons are how you access the formation screen and the campaign map.

Fleet Sortie

The blue formation button will open the formation menu, while the gold "WEIGH ANCHOR" button will open the campaign screen where you can engage in battles.

Chat Window[]

Below the Formation and WEIGH ANCHOR buttons there is a text chant box that displays the server chat as well as server announcements (such as when a player constructs a super rare ship). Click on the speech bubble to expand the window.

Bottom Buttons[]

The bottom buttons lead to various areas of the game. From left to right they are: Shops, Dockyard, Equipment, Academy, Backyard, Task, Building, and Fleet.

Bottom Menu


The hexagonal button to the far left will take you to the Shops. When in a shop tapping it again will toggle you between the Item Shop and the Ammunition Shop.


This button will take you to the Dockyard where you can view and sort your ships according to filters, change equipment, and view statistics.


This button will take you to the Equipment screen where you can view, sort, and destroy free equipment, craft equipment, and view your materials and unbox equipment.


This button will take you to the Academy where you can train your ship's Skills, collect from and upgrade your Canteen and Merchant, and access the Shops.


This button leads to the Backyard where you can place ships in a small house. Food items can be consumed to refresh any exhaustion, and the furnishings can be upgraded with Furniture Coins.


This button takes you to the Task screen. This is were you can collect rewards for daily tasks as well as achievements.


This button takes you to the Building screen where you can build new ships, check on the status of ships under construction, trade medals for ships, and scrap your ships.


This seems to be something like a guild management screen (ADD MORE INFO ONCE MORE IS KNOWN)

Quick Access Tab[]

This tab grey tab on the far left of the screen allows you to quickly access your Canteen, Merchant, and Missions. Tap on the tab to expand it, tap on the Canteen or Merchant to collect accumulated resources, and tap on empty mission slots to be taken to the mission Delegation screen. A notification will be displayed if any resources or missions can be collected.

Secretary Ship Toggle View[]

Click on the eye icon to toggle your secretary ship view (without the menu UI).

Player Info[]

On the top left there is an area with player information, it will display your player name as well as your level and experience progress to next level. Tap on your ships chibi icon to be taken to the Data Screen where you can view many stats on yourself such as percentage of ship girls obtained.

Secretary Ship[]

Your current designated secretary ship. By default the secretary ship is your starter ship you have chosen. The secretary ship can be changed via Player Info