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Melee: Pulsing Waves, Steel Wings (【激戦】鼓動の波、鋼鉄の翼) is the second episode of Azur Lane anime.

Air date[]

October 10, 2019 (Japan)

October 24, 2019 (US)


As Azur Lane works to repair the damage to their base and treating the injured personnel, including Enterprise and San Diego, it is revealed that the cause of conflict between them and Red Axis is the Red Axis' willingness to use dangerous Siren technology for their own ends. Enterprise remains on watch, despite her repairs only being partially complete. Akagi and Kaga are also recovering from the battle when they are met by Prinz Eugen. Akagi sends Zuikaku and Shoukaku to ambush an Azur Lane fleet and asks Prinz Eugen to assist them. Prinz Eugen agrees, bringing Z23 and Ayanami with her. The Azur Lane fleet, consisting of Eagle Union shipgirls of Hammann, Arizona, Northampton, Helena, Long Island and Enterprise's sister, Hornet is attacked by the Red Axis. Enterprise mobilizes to help them despite her damage, with Cleveland, Javelin, and Laffey following her. While Enterprise battles Zuikaku and Shoukaku and Cleveland assists damaged shipgirls, Javelin and Laffey remain reluctant to fight Z23 and Ayanami. As the Azur Lane and Red Axis forces battle each other, the main Royal Navy fleet led by Queen Elizabeth arrives. Enterprise manages to gain the upper hand on Zuikaku but her unrepaired damage causes her equipment to fail at a critical moment. However, Enterprise is saved by the timely arrival of a shipgirl dressed as a maid.


  • The battle between Hornet and Hornet is a reference to their duel in Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands.
  • Royal Navy fleet is having a tea party on their deck while en route. This is actually the real reason why there are vacant space in the real Royal Navy ships.