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Mobilization: The Girls of the Sea (【起動】海を駆ける少女たち) is the first episode of Azur Lane anime.

Air date[]

October 3, 2019 (Japan) October 17, 2019 (US)


When the Earth's oceans are attacked by a mysterious alien force called the Sirens, four major nations, Eagle Union, the Royal Navy, the Sakura Empire and the Iron Blood form the "Azur Lane" military alliance to combat the Sirens using ship-girls, girls fused with naval warships. Eventually, the Sirens are defeated, but a rift forms between the factions, with the Eagle Union and Royal Navy coming in opposition against the Sakura Empire and Iron Blood. Reinforcements are sent to an Azur Lane base near the Sakura Empire, where Cleveland and Prince of Wales greet the arrival of Illustrious and Unicorn. Ayanami infiltrates the base to spy on its defenses, but inadvertently befriends Javelin, Laffey, and Unicorn. The Sakura Empire then launches a surprise attack on the base led by Kaga and Akagi. Javelin and Ayanami reluctantly battle each other while the rest of the defenders attempt to fight off the attack. When it looks like the defenders are about to be overrun, Enterprise arrives and singlehandedly turns the tide of the battle, heavily damaging Kaga and forcing the Sakura Empire forces to retreat. As they withdraw, Kaga and Akagi announce that the Sakura Empire and Iron Blood have formed their own alliance, the Red Axis, and formally declare war on Azur Lane.


This episode is a reference to Pearl Harbor Attack