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The POSTAL Dude is the true identity to the Commander of the Azur Lane series. Not a whole lot is known about his background, since he spends his day groping and fucking many of the hot ships. It is shown in Azur Lane 3: Back For More that he is extremely skilled in combat and seduction, going out of his way to singlehandedly destroy the Iron Blood's presence due to their ugly LARPing status. He seems to particularly like Ejaculationprise alot and seems to have her as his bodyguard/assistant.


The Dude appears as calm and easy-going, but can be sociopathic and extremely seductive when pushed to the edge (or if he feels like it). He often states he doesn't like video games after killing people, however he is seen using consoles in one part of Azur Lane 3: Back For More. He wears his trademark leather trench coat and sunglasses at all times, with the addition of Commander related clothing underneath. Due to his seductive nature, he can use it to his advantage in combat or whenever. He is very pleased to have Ejaculationprise as his main bitch.

In Azur Lane[]

The Dude is not explicitly stated to be the commander, but there are subtle hints that he may be, especially because of the groping that can be performed on any shipgirls. Outside of these interactions, it is a community debate as to if he really is the Commander. Considering the lack of Commander fighting, it is highly unlikely.

In Azur Lane 2: Dead Ahead[]

Even more hints arise that The Dude could be the Commander. Like in Azur Lane, groping returns but theres also a off chance that a familiar voice may say "Oooh, mommy!" In a unknown condition, a cutscene shows the Commander resting with his shipgirls on a beach gazing out into the sunset. While his face is obscured, the clothing worn by him suggests that it may infact be The POSTAL Dude. This is still up to speculation, but Commander based fighting interfaces suggest that there may be more to this otherwise.

In Azur Lane 3: Back For More[]

The tip of the iceberg starts here. The Commanders true identity is revealed in the introduction cutscene. After getting several reports of aggravated assault on his shipgirls and gruesome firefights, he grabs his sunglasses and slaps on his cap while grabbing his iconic trench coat. After this, his eyes open and he says his iconic line. "I regret nothing." This confirms The Dude being the Commander once and for all. The game is then playable as a Shipgirl or The Dude. His playstyle is very aggressive and can usually overwhelm enemies in little to no time. This is seen in its true potential during the mission/act "Catastrophe" where The Dude takes it upon himself to start a war with the Iron Blood's presence. He assaults a lone port occupied them, armed to the teeth with his iconic weaponry. At the cost of endangering the entirety of the Azur Lane Force he hits a weakpoint on them and continues to do so until they're fully toppled down. This unleashes a deadly string of hits on Iron Blood owned establishments (including ports) until he finally takes down the Iron Blood's commander. Soon after one of his loyal henchman leave (unbeknownst to him, his phone was jumped by some iron blood morons), he gives "him" a call to check out his new place after taking everything the Iron Blood had. After getting no reply, he tosses his phone aside and starts to consume unhealthy amounts of smack until he loses his sense of reality and begins to slaughter through his own shipgirls and attackers. As he enters the rooftop, he walks off the edge of the building and meets a cold smack with the ground, killing him for good and ironically killing most of the Azur Lane Force. Soon after these events, due to the conflict started a nuclear warfare is initiated due to assassination of the Nation leaders and high rankings, ending with total destruction and death of the Azur Lane series entirely.

Acts Committed By The Dude[]

  • Killing many enemy ships and attackers.
  • Destroying the Iron Blood.
  • Fucking many of the Shipgirls.
  • Several acts of violence, arson and rape.
  • Hit and runs on several Sakura ships done between 2018-2020.
  • Domestic Violence charges.
  • Being wanted by the Navy Port Authority and Military Police.
  • Commander of the Azur Lane Force.
  • Avoided sex offender charges.
  • Died plenty of times and came back, (because he's fucking awesome).
  • Nuked an entire town, twice.
  • Pretending to be a law enforcer without anyone batting an eye.
  • Hauling weapons of mass destruction.
  • Dating and eventually marrying Ejaculationprise.
  • Guerrila warfare.
  • Pissing on everything (including people and his dad's grave).
  • Killing his own while high, same for his attackers.
  • Smoking catnip.
  • Suffering withdrawal after smoking several "health pipes".
  • Genocide on many protestors, couriers, law enforcement, butchers and terrorists.
  • Hinted rape and execution at captured Iron Blood shipgirls.
  • Killing his previous whore of a wife twice, even when she was a demon (or something).
  • Hints of mental instability.
  • Rescuing his dog from danger many times.