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Prinz Eugen is a Major Antagonist in Azur Lane the Animation and later become a support character in Episode 11 after discovering Akagi and Kaga's true intentions. She's a Heavy cruiser of Iron Blood. Her first appearance is on Episode 2. Her CVs are Ayane Sakura (Japanese) and Mikaela Krantz (English).


She has a cheeky, teasing and sarcastic personality


Prinz Eugen has long white hair with a red streak on the right side of her hair. Her hair reaches down to her waist with twin tails that are held up by a red metal parts. Her eyes are a fiery red colour. Attire wise she wears a very short black dress with long red/grey sleeves. High on her neck is the German Cross used in Norway and the cross is also located at the end of her sleeves. Prinz wears black thigh-high tights and red boots that also have the Norwegian Cross. Her gear is designed after the appearance of sharks which is possible a reference to the way Norway looked on the map during WW2 and their power. Her height is 166 cm [5'5''] and her weight is 58 kg [128 lb].


The Iron Blood's Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen

A member of Iron Blood, who holds the talent of easily wielding rigging that combines both a mature charm and the essence of technology. Always aloof and elusive, it's difficult to capture her true feelings.

Historical Significance[]

Prinz Eugen saw action during Operation Rheinübung, an attempted breakout into the Atlantic Ocean with the battleship Bismarck in May 1941. The two ships destroyed the British battlecruiser Hood and moderately damaged the battleship Prince of Wales in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. Prinz Eugen was detached from Bismarck during the operation to raid Allied merchant shipping, but this was cut short due to engine troubles. After putting into occupied France and undergoing repairs, the ship participated in Operation Cerberus, a daring daylight dash through the English Channel back to Germany. In February 1942, Prinz Eugen was deployed to Norway, although her time stationed there was curtailed when she was torpedoed by the British submarine Trident days after arriving in Norwegian waters. The torpedo severely damaged the ship's stern, which necessitated repairs in Germany.[2]

In Game[]

Main Game[]

Prinz Eugen is available after seven straight days logging into the game

  • Honour medal exchange last for 12 days period before the change to different one
  • Heavy Construction the build time is 2 hour


Prinz Eugen is playable Character in Azur Lane Crosswave also act as day four boss fight along Z23.


Prinz Eugen Performance stats
Limit Break Ranks
Limit Break
Four-Stars Gains All Out Assault I / All Weapon Efficiency +2%
Five-Stars Max Torpedo Capacity +1 / Pre-loaded Torpedo +1 / All Weapon Efficiency +3%
Max Limit Break Upgrade All Out Assault I to II / All Weapon Efficiency +5%
Prinz Eugen power stats
Stats base level. 100 Level 120
HP 1099 5683 6252
FP 43 196 226
AA 38 178 205
TRP 28 133 205
AVI 0 0 0
RLD 67 159 182
LCK 78 78 78
SPD 25 25 25
ACC 44 114 128
ASW 0 0 0


You can equipped Prinz Eugen with:

  • CA Main Guns
  • Torpedo
  • Anti-Air
  • Two Auxiliary


Unbreakable Shield[]

Every 20s: 70% chance to deploy 3 rotating shields that can each block up to 10 shells. Shields last for 10s.

All Out Assault[]

Activates All out Assault: Admiral Hipper Class once every 6 times the Main Guns are fired



  1. In one of her voicelines, she mention how lucky she is during in battles which most likely reference in real life as how she survived throughout the entire war.
  2. group=",after%20the%20outbreak%20of%20war%2C%20in%20August%201940."