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Sakura: Cloak and Dagger (【桜嵐】外套と短剣) is the fourth episode of Azur Lane anime.

Air date[]

October 24, 2019 (Japan)
November 7, 2019 (US)


Akagi, Kaga, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, and Ayanami return to the Sakura Empire base, where they are greeted by Souryuu and Hiryuu. Back at the Azur Lane base, Belfast takes it upon herself to serve as Enterprise's personal maid in an effort to draw out her inner humanity. Ping Hai and Ning Hai then report that while on a scouting mission, they encountered a Siren fleet being led by a high-class Siren, suggesting the Sirens are planning to take advantage of the conflict between Azur Lane and Red Axis. In order to gain more information, Sheffield and Edinburgh infiltrate the Sakura Empire base. Akagi is given permission from a reluctant Nagato to proceed with "Project Orochi". Ayanami reunites with fellow destroyers Yukikaze, Yuudachi and Shigure. Zuikaku, still upset at her inability to defeat Enterprise, receives words of encouragement from Takao. Sheffield and Edinburgh follow Akashi to a cove beneath the base, where Akashi witnesses Akagi collaborating with a Siren Leader, Observer, to construct Project Orochi, a massive Siren battleship. Observer moves to eliminate Akashi to silence her, but Sheffield and Edinburgh intervene, stealing the Black Box critical to Project Orochi's completion. They are able to slip past Takao and Ayanami and escape with both the Black Box and Akashi. Afterwards, while still loyal to Sakura Empire, Ayanami still continues to question her motivation to fight.