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Sheffield intro

Sheffield is a light cruiser of Royal Navy. Her first appearance is on episode 2 but introduced in episode 3. Her CVs are Konomi Kohara (Japanese) and Emily Neves (English). Her CV (Konomi Kohara) share the same voice of Chika from Love is War


"I should learn... from Belfast's example? A maid should serve her master wholeheartedly without asking for anything in return. In contrast, that one is quite greedy... but, I am a bit envious..."

- Sheffield, when you reach her Affinity (Like)


She remains loyal and vigilant (mostly Battleship Queen Elizabeth) towards more higher ranking ships, she'd always fulfill her duties as a maid and always reassure that the task must be completed, even on most missions no matter how risky it is, but despite having a very loyal attitude her interaction was quite very odd, since she has an extreme cold attitude towards others, she'd prefer calling out the word "Pest" towards others, having such an uncanny and cold attitude, she'd still remark it as a joke or just simply joking around (perhaps as a scapegoat). She'd release her full potential of insults against the Sirens, second to the Commander


Sheffield is a strong and independent fighter of most Royal Navy shipgirls, she tends to be assigned as the flagship on escort missions, ever since her last 3 escort missions that was deemed too risky for her, was left completed, her boastful skills on fighting made the Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper (during her scouting and escort mission with her), and Heavy Cruiser Takao (during a duel with her) impressed

  1. Duel 6-inch Handguns - compared to most other shipgirls who had their rigging permanently attached, Sheffield can reform 2 of her rigging into a Handgun one, and can place it back where it was. She was able to shoot it in burst way, or either in a straight line-way depending on her intentions.
  2. An Unexpected Surprise - she was able to stun or distract her opponent for seconds that gives Sheffield a main advantage on striking her chosen opponent in the blink of an eye, all she had to do is to show "the one and only"
  3. Capricious Incandescence - In order to perform this, she just had to simply grab her right hand tightly and a huge fireball like beam will appear, once she grip her hands, a flash bang will completely stun the target giving a few seconds to react as a huge fireball goes directly at them causing much damage


"I do hope you have this same kind of strong spirit on the battlefield"

"Showing is more straightforward than explaining"

"I see, Master, you are remarkably similar to a pest, morphologically. The world is full of mysteries"