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Z23 is one of the Main Protagonist in Azur Lane the Animation, a destroyer of Iron Blood. Her first appearance is on episode 2. Her CVs are Rika Abe (Japanese) and Sarah Wiedenheft (English). She later reprises her role as a main protagonist in Azur Lane: Slow Ahead, this time as a school teacher in the Azur Lane Academy.


Z23 is a girl with a short stature and a medium bust. She has a short platinum blonde hair with a black, red & yellow ribbon with an iron cross motif, and has sharp blue eyes. She wears a white double-breasted dress top with silver buttons and trimmings over a black turtlenecked top with a dark-blue, yellow trimmed tailcoat, a black bike shorts, maroon ankle sock with garters and a red, iron cross motifed frilled cuffs, and red pumps. She also wears a blue beret with a ribbon lace, black detached sleeves, white gloves and a red & blue arm band on her left shoulder.






  • Z23 has the least amount of appearance in Azur Lane the Animation as a protagonist .